IMPORT; means purchase of a good manufactured abroad by domestic purchasers.

  • Preliminary procurement and control of documentation relating to goods subject to import.
  • Inward Processing Regime applications.
  • Credit opening in case of any doubts with regards to goods prior to issuance of Republic of Turkey Customs Declaration. Commencement of customs acceptance and registration proceedings and inspection of goods.
  • Receipt of delivery orders.
  • Determination of HS Code of goods subject to import.
  • Receipt of preliminary confiscations if requested.
  • Issuance of reports in case of deficiencies, damages or faults; notification of authorities required to be notified; issuance of accruals; deposit of guarantees and other relevant moneys.
  • Clearance of goods inwards in temporary import; timely clearance of goods outwards in line with the instructions of the customer pursuant to the permits obtained.
  • Performance of Transit, special and general bonded warehousing proceedings.
  • Calculation of customs duties and taxes; and notification of the same to the customer.
  • Completion of accruals and payment of relevant guarantees or duties.
  • Physical delivery of goods to the address set forth in the instruction given by relevant company.
  • Electronic archiving.