Export, means sending a good out of Turkish Customs Zone or to free zones pursuant to export legislation in force and customs legislation or other outgoing goods and proceedings to be considered as export by the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade.

  • Conducting feasibility studies with regards to goods to be exported.
  • Outward Processing Regime, Inward Processing Applications and Compensatory Duty.
  • Issuance of A.TR, Eur-1 certificate of origin, consulate approval proceedings based upon country status.
  • Issuance of health certificates, control certificates; obtaining required permits.
  • Proceedings relating to membership to relevant exporters’ unions based upon type of good.
  • Delivery of documentation issued by Customs Consultant to banks and/or recipient.
  • Following up customs proceedings of the loaded vehicles.
  • Issuance of customs declaration of the goods to be exported and completion of operational transactions.
  • Delivery of documentation to the forwarder.
  • Following up temporary export proceedings and times.
  • Closing of certificates of clearance outward.
  • Delivery of exporter’s copy of the closed certificates of clearance outward and documentation to the company.